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          How to maintain the hair straightener? How should I keep the straightener after I have finished my hair?
          If you often need to use a hair straightener, then you cant just throw it off and throw Ta aside. After a while, you should take good care of your hair straightener. Then, how should I maintain my hair straightener?
          1. Read the instructions of the straight hair appliance in detail, and understand the structure of the straightener;
          2. Disconnect the straightener from the power supply;
          3. Make sure the temperature of the straightener is at normal temperature;
          4. Prepare a small piece of clean soft cloth or eyeglass cloth;
          5. Dilute the neutral detergent with a small amount of water. Wring the soft cloth after soaking;
          6, open the hair straightener splint, use the wring dry soft cloth to wipe the heating plate of the straightener, remove the dirt on it;
          7, and then use a soft cloth to clean the hair straightener shell;
          8, check the hair straightener circuit parts are intact, if well, then put on the power supply, the hair straightener preheating, a few minutes after the power failure;
          9, the hair straightener naturally cool, then put on the ok.